ENTELLIGENCE Young Investigators (YIs) and their mentors have discovered long-lasting benefits for the field of pulmonary hypertension and the lives of award winners.

This award will be an invaluable asset to the start of my career as a physician-scientist.
Keivan Zandinejad, MD (2013 YI Awardee)

It represents an opportunity to get your feet wet and be funded and be independent early, and try to accrue the qualifications necessary to get further funding.
Michael L. O’Byrne, MD (2013 YI Awardee)

It allowed me to really solidify what it is I want to do, which is really to focus on a field of pulmonary vascular research that I think has been understudied.
Tien Peng, MD (2013 YI Awardee)

I have seen first-hand how the support provided by the ENTELLIGENCE Young Investigator program enables young scientists to dedicate time to research and promotes exciting new avenues of discovery in pulmonary hypertension. The funding for junior scientists is invaluable and has jump-started not only my own career, but that of my mentees as well.
Anna R. Hemnes, MD (2014 Mentor and 2007 YI Awardee)

This is an excellent program that allows talented post docs to develop independence and prepare for their independent careers.
Duncan J. Stewart, MD (2012 Mentor)

It’s very important in its ability to fulfill a fundamental need to fund worthy people in transition between training and beginning their careers as junior faculty members.
Kingman P. Strohl, MD (2011 Mentor)

It has given young investigators a unique opportunity to get their feet firmly planted on the ground and allow them to become competitive for extramural funding.
Raymond L. Benza, MD (2012, 2010, and 2007 Mentor)